Terms of Service

Fresh Flowers: We promise to send your heartfelt emotions with fresh, beautiful blooms as close to your request as possible. Sometimes, due to nature and availability, we might need to replace flowers with something similar in value. We’ll still make sure it looks great and maintains the overall theme. If you order a specific type of flower and we can’t find it, we’ll replace it with another type, not another color.

Plants: For plants, we may swap them for something similar and of equal or greater value. If you ask for a unique plant and we can’t find it, we’ll do our best to match the type but might change the color. We’ll use containers that look similar.

Gift Baskets: In gift baskets, we might substitute items of equal or greater value to ensure freshness and on-time delivery.

Substitutions for Special Occasions: For important events like funerals, birthdays, and anniversaries, we’ll make substitutions of equal or greater value if we can’t find the exact flowers you want and can’t contact you. Our aim is to always make sure your message gets through on time.

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