Guide to Ramo Buchón: Meaning, Price, Origin

what is ramo buchon

Ramo buchones are a beautiful and unique type of floral arrangement that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Ramos buchones hold great significance in Mexican culture. They are deeply rooted in tradition and carry a lot of meaning. In this blog, we will explore what ramo buchones are, their history, and their importance in Mexican culture.

What is a Ramo Buchon?

Ramo buchones are flower arrangements shaped like a dome, giving them a round, pouch-like appearance.

This style of flower arrangement is very different from conventional bouquets that feature flowers in a more open, scattered fashion. The flowers in ramo buchones are arranged evenly and tightly. They are positioned at the top of the bouquet. The flowers are facing outwards.

How much is a Ramo Buchon?

The price of a ramo buchon can change a lot based on how many roses are in it. The usual amount is 100 roses, and in the United States, it costs around $300.

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Origins of the Ramo Buchon

Ramo buchones have their roots in the floral tradition of Mexico, particularly in the Jalisco region. This flower-arranging technique originated in Guadalajara in the mid-20th century. Guadalajara is known for its cultural heritage and love of banda music, also known as “buchona banda music”.

The word “ramo” means bouquet in Spanish. Mexicans use “buchón” to describe something or someone showy, extravagant, or ostentatious. It is particularly associated with “buchona banda music,” which is known for its lively and brash nature.

This term “buchón” has been extended to describe the style of floral arrangements that are similarly bold, vibrant, and extravagant in appearance, giving rise to the name “ramo buchon” for these types of bouquets.

So, the name “ramo buchon” reflects the extravagant and eye-catching nature of these flower arrangements, in line with the “buchón” style and culture.

Meaning and Tradition

In addition to their eye-catching appearance, ramo buchones are also full of meaning and tradition. In Mexican culture, people commonly associate these floral creations with celebrations and special moments, such as weddings and anniversaries.

Ramos buchones represent abundance, prosperity, and joy. The dome shape of the bouquets symbolizes unity and wholeness, while the colors of the flowers can convey specific messages. A bunch of red roses can mean love and passion, while sunflowers can show happiness and gratitude.

In Mexican weddings, ramos buchones are especially popular. The bride usually carries a beautiful buchon bouquet that complements her dress and adds a touch of elegance to the occasion. Bouquets often incorporate the bride’s favorite flowers, which adds a personal and meaningful touch to the arrangement.

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How to Make a Ramo Buchon

If you are interested in creating your bouquet, here are some basic steps to get you started:

  • Choose your flowers: Select a variety of fresh flowers that mix well in terms of colors and textures. Roses, lilies, and daisies are popular choices.
  • Prepare the flowers: Cut the flower stems to an even length and remove leaves and thorns that will be below the water level in the container.
  • Build the structure: Start by placing one flower in the center and then add others around it, creating concentric layers. Make sure the flower heads are at the same height.
  • Maintain the shape: As you add flowers, make sure the shape of the bouquet is round and compact. You can use ribbons to help keep the structure in place.
  • Personalize and decorate: Add decorative elements such as ribbons, leaves, or stones to give your bouquet a personal touch.
  • Wrapping: Secure with tape or rubber band, wrap with ribbon, tie a bow, and trim excess.


Ramos Buchones go beyond regular flower arrangements; they symbolize joy, love, and abundance in Mexican culture. Whether for special occasions or adding elegance at home, they express tradition and creativity, thriving in Mexico and beyond.

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